playing on the B.A.D. team

For the second year Andrew has played on the B.A.D baseball team.  Beyond All Disabilities that is. There is nothing  bad about this team. These kids and adults have fun. We have quite a bit of fun as spectators too. I cannot say enough good things about the couple that coach the team. Mike and Cheryl are amazing. They make the game fun. They have so much patience….

Last night I saw that patience first hand. Drew has taken a liking to catching. Mainly because it doesn’t require running I think. When Coach Mike tried explaining you only catch when your team is in the outfield Drew didn’t take it well. He totally melted down. It is always the silly things that cause the biggest meltdowns. Coaches Mike and Cheryl were so patient with him. Trying to reason with him and get him back into the game. It was so nice to sit back and let someone else who actually understands how to deal with a child like him do it.  For years I have had to be so vigilant and watch as teachers without a clue pushed every one of my child’s buttons and pushed him into more and more trouble. It has been so hard to not lose my cool with these people. to maintain my cool and contain my inner momma bear.  

So today I say thank you to the coaches for giving me this opportunity to sit back and just be a regular parent for a change.


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